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Hm, it's a sort of weird, but until now I have never managed it to publish some pics of my 50'' Apache. But now I will deal with it.
The hull is a FactorX, made by the german manufactor EPV. It is completely made in carbon fibres, weight is less than 5 lbs. Not too bad for a 50'' hull I think.
My andrenalin is powered by a MHZ-Power-Zenoah with a 6 channel sleeve made from coated aluminium and a ligthened 1-ring piston from a PUM231. The engine is modified with the following
- higher compression
- reducing squish band from 1/16'' to 1/64''
- bigger ports
- exhaust timing to 177°
- intake timing to 155°
- homemade header with a MHZ full muffled tuning pipe. Carb is the original carb from the PUM23. I like it because it is easy to adjust.

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The hardware is completely my own, rc adjustable drive system, rudder, trimtabs, autobailer, everything. The rc-box is made from slef laminated epoxy/glass sheets.

I hope the pictures explain more than my words. Driving this boat is everytime a great fun. The added turnfin makes narrow turns with full throttle possible. Weight is 14 lbs. maximum speed is now 50 mph with a modified G-20 from ABC at 16,000 rpm.