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GPS and ship modelling? YES! It works! I have try it.And why? That's easy. Imagine you are knowing the exact distance between 2 points of your boat's course. And now imagine you are knowing the exact time that your boat needs to pass these points. OK, and what is distance divided by time? YES, of course, it is SPEED!!! Now imagine there is an instrument with the same size as a cellular phone. And this instrument determines his position every second and calculates the speed. And that with an exactness of less than 0.1 knots. Or saying it with other words: The tolerance by a speed of 15 mph ore more is less than 1 percent. The police in Germany accept a tolernace of 3 percent for their radar- and laser-guns.

And now? How much is it? And where to buy? In Germany the price is less than USD 200 and that's much cheaper than a radar gun. By clicking the picture on the right side you follow the link to the producer of this part. Here you find more informations.
I recommend to check the local stores for outdoor and recreation parts or boat outfitters. Or check www.ebay.com.



This one is a handheld GPS receiver. It looks like a cellular phone. On the picture you see the eTrex from GARMIN.