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Oh, wow, someone seems to be interested in me! Or did you just lose your way...?
But, however, you won't learn that much about me here, only: for everyone who calls me his friend, I'm André. But, as no one understands this french accent-stuff, Andre is perfectly ok, too!
For everyone else, I'm Mr. Abtmeyer.

I was born in 1967 in Essen, right in the middle of the so called "Ruhrpott", the "Ruhr-Area", located in the north-west of Germany. In the meantime, I moved to a town called Recklinghausen (still in the "Ruhrpott"), because my wife sort of "kidnapped" me and made me to.
I learned a job in business-management and I'm employed as the chief of a subdivision of the accounting department of a energy company. I'm responsable for the monthly management reports and so it's my job to keep pushing numbers from the left to the right and try to figure out, whether they're right or wrong.

Since 2002 I'm also the proud father of a son, his name is Eliah Samuel. That increases the happiness in my life but, of course, to the debit of my hobbies.

And my hobbies are very simple: powerboats (that's what this site is for!) and taking pictures (real photography is something rather for the real pro's). And that's how the idea of this homepage was born: why not publish all the pictures and photos that gathered during the last few years?

I hope, you'll like it!